On-Site Computer Services
Serving Bellingham Washington since 1992



On-Site Computer Services is a computer consulting and network engineering firm. We provide a wide range of professional services related to office automation, networking and internetworking, Internet engineering as well as non-professional computer services including hardware diagnostics and repair for our clients.

We have a sampling of our services and standard rates available on-line at www.On-SiteComputer.com/rates.com. Note that we have contract rates available for our clients as well.

I think you will find On-Site Computer Services a user friendly computer firm to do business with. You don't have to know computerese. We work with a wide range of needs and talents. Our clients include individuals, households, small to medium businesses, and government entities. Some clients just want the darn things to work, others have their own MIS staff that we support or augment. We enjoy challenges and helping others through their challenges.

I look forward to hearing from you - Thomas R. Scott, President

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